Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Research Information

Both the Power Pulsar 1 and Power Pulsar 2 work on the principle of electromagnetic induction through the combined utilization of "Dirac comb" type quasi-triangular Pulse waves as well as the more common modified square waves which are typical of the units produced by other manufacturers. Dirac Pulses are characterized by their brief durations and long rest periods in comparison to the square wave duration, but very steep slope (microsecond order rise and fall time) factors, as well as rapid and dramatically changing magnetic field magnitudes. This characteristic results in a greatly amplified inductive effect on the conductive elements in our bodies that are the basic subcomponents of all living tissue.

After many trial and error tests and long term burn - in reliability runs of various candidate semiconductors, similar to the process used by Edison to find an appropriate element to use in the then yet to be invented light bulb, Dr. Payne found a device that could withstand both the high current through his coils and the very fast gating response of his switching circuit. For the purposes of protecting our proprietary technology, we remove the identifying part number from these devices in the assembly process.

The result of Dr. Payne's labors was the Power Pulsar 1 which is very reliable in terms of the semiconductor/ electronics lifetimes.

Power Pulsar II improvements and innovations:

Innovation # 1, Dual Binary Sequenced Magnetic Output Mode-

The Power Pulsar II utilizes two output semiconductors instead of the single one used by the Pulsar 1. The magnetic pulses, both Dirac and square wave, alternate in binary sequence between the two available coil output connections. This arrangement results in an increased lifetime expectancy of the semiconductor devices, PLUS the innovative effect of virtually moving the magnetic field locations back and forth across the 3 dimensional volume of tissue being treated (when the two coils provided are used simultaneously)!

As far as we know, there is no other technology on the market that offers this new 3 dimensional mode of Pulsed magnetic field therapy!

We are confident that this new mode of magnetic therapy will provide greatly enhanced therapeutic results, since it is agreed by Medical Doctors that it is the quality of the dynamically changing magnetic fields which provide the "healing force", which has been scientifically determined as the primary reason that PMFT (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy) works so effectively in the first place. If we dynamically alternate the locations of the field across the treated tissue volume, it is realistically adding a new magnetic dimension that moves through the body at a right angle to the "normal" fields provided by other PMFT units and the original Power Pulsar 1, but still retaining the benefits of the Dirac pulse mode offered by the original Pulsar 1.

Innovation #2 - Meditation / Optical Brainwave Entrainment mode via 2 Super Bright Optical - Field pulse synchronization LED's, Deep Red and Clear Blue.

The Power Pulsar 2 has another unique feature we've not seen offered by any other PMFT system- Optical / Field pulse synchronization for what has been called " Brainwave Entrainment meditation".

What exactly IS meditation, anyway - and why do it?

"Simply put, meditation is a state of relaxed focus. It doesn't have to be complex. It is a matter of getting comfortable, closing your eyes, and focusing inward.

"What you choose to focus upon while in this relaxed state can vary according to what you desire at the time. Common focal points for meditators through the centuries are: repetition of a meaningful word or phrase; mindful awareness of the present moment (aka, Mindfulness); rhythm of one's breath; flow of peace or healing energy through one's body; cultivation of love, compassion, or forgiveness; objects; God, a holy being, or a saint; Nature; a loved one. The list is endless."

(the above is quoted from: http://www.3pounduniverse.com/articles.asp?id=140 )

All Power Pulsar II units are individually adjusted using our Laboratory calibrated Tektronix 2430A oscilloscope and a jeweler's screwdriver to within 2 percent of the 7.8 hz Schuman resonance meditation frequency!

The Power Pulsar II has two magnetic pulse frequencies selectable by the user: 7.8 hz (cycles per second) and it's harmonic double, 15.6 hz. These frequencies constitute the fundamentals of what is known as the Schuman cavity resonance, which is basically the "heartbeat frequency" of the earth's spherical cavity that is formed by the Ionospheric layer and the surface of the earth. Any electromagnetic pulse train running at this frequency or any of it's harmonic doubles, triples etc will therefore be in tune or in resonance with the base electromagnetic qualities of the earth's resonant cavity.

. The magnetic coil output jacks of the Power Pulsar II are individually monitored by 2 super bright high technology LED's, one is Clear Blue, and the other Deep Red. When the unit is not in use, the LED's power off colors are as neutral as diamonds or ice, and cannot be distinguished from each other.

When the unit is powered on however, the Red/ Blue LED's come to dazzlingly brilliant life, and they are so bright that we recommend using UV rated sunglasses if you want to look directly into them. On the other hand, in a darkened room with the LED's not in a direct viewing angle they will project a soft pulsating glow which is dominated by the blue color onto your white ceiling. As the magnetic healing energy from the magnetic coils flows into your body, realize that this is all in step with the earth's natural resonant frequency that your optical nerves are now acclimatizing your brain to get in step with. Use of the Power Pulsar II at night this way should greatly enhance your healing experience.

We wish to thank Dr. Susan Lark for mentioning the Power Pulsar in her newsletter. Many other healthcare professionals are looking seriously at the benefits the PMFT can provide for their patients. Here are links to more detailed articles for those who would like to learn more:

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