Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Research Products by Dr. Buryl Payne and TMR Labs:

 The Power Pulsar II

Power Pulsar II casing, electronic circuit, and control panel design protected by US Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 TMR Labs / Dr. Buryl Payne

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 Note: These units are built to the same magnetic output specifications as Dr. Buryl Payne's Power Pulsar units discussed in Dr. Susan Lark's July 2006 "Miracle Corner" section of her monthly newsletter!

For ordering information please call (831) 334 8637 to confirm availability and discuss the nature of your health related application. These units are custom built and tested at the TMR Labs facility in Santa Cruz, California USA,, with coils appropriate for the individual client's health issues and requirements.

 Price: $1190 + $30 shipping (USPS Parcel Post) to the contiguous 48 United States of America 

Power Pulsar 2 Optional Accessories:


E-Pulse Stimulation Electrode Tube Pair-$79 - $79

*TMS Circuit Option 4 - $499 with Power Pulsar 2 purchase


Additional Coil Sets - $199/Pair


AC to DC Charging Adapters for Power Pulsar II - $14.95


*Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation  


Pocket Pulsar

AThe Pocket Pulsar portable magnetic field generator pulses about 16 times per second.  Choose bionorth (blue) or biosouth (red) pole simply by reversing the color coded 2 inch diameter applicator. Available with rechargeable 9v power supply and  AC adapter (as shown, above).

  Pocket Pulsar with Standard 9v Battery Power Supply - $350 + $15 shipping (USPS Parcel Post) to the USA 

A Pocket Pulsar with Rechargeable 9v Power supply and AC adapter- $365 + $15.00 shipping (USPS Parcel Post) to the USA

" All TMR Labs Power Pulsar and Pocket Pulsar units reproduce the exact electrical and magnetic output specifications of my original Pulsars." - Dr. Buryl Payne


 We will either repair or replace any electrically defective units returned to us postage paid in the event that a misfunction occurs within 90 days of the date of the original purchase delivery date. Ask us if you would like an extended maintenance option for a longer term. - Jim Ostrowski,  TMR Labs

Signed :

Dr. Buryl R. Payne, Phd. Magnetic Field Therapy Research Editor

 Turbomagnetics Research Associates


Jim Ostrowski,  Engineering Specialist for

TMR Labs, Authorized Power Pulsar manufacturer, North America

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